Astrology for Empowerment
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"Get to know yourself and you can stop living with a stranger."


Astrology is energy and if you know your energy patterns you have opportunities to have a dynamic and successful life.  Having an astrological profile allows one to know past, current, and future patterns manifesting in the energy field which make the substance all manifestation. 

Clearly it is an advantage to be aware of this potential.

Linda began her astrological study with Isabel Hickey in 1967. With Peter Kabaska she taught esoteric astrology at the Theosophical society where she served as a trustee.  Other studies include the Kabala, Spiritualism with Gladys Custance and Marion Proctor, dowsing, Reiki and energy of the five elements with Luis De La Lama, as well as the Inner Exploration Process with Walter Ness with whom she leads work shops and lectures.

Energetic Approach to Understanding Astrology

Linda has created a new system of working with chi-energy that allows the participants to experience planetary and stellar vibrations that effect the individuals. Using astrology charts, her knowledge of astrology and her wide expertise with chi-energy, Linda filters the energies that are coming into a person's body and isolates the good energy that is coming in and increases it's signal. As one person said, "I feel on a physical, body level sensations that are unique to each signal that Linda has filtered for me. Now I understand astrology form an intellectual point and I know what different parts of my chart feels like."

Linda presents this unique system at the Theosophical Society in Boston as well as private consultations.