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Like clouds,  stress when  reveals your creative spirit; ideas come freely and ease returns to your life.

Linda has a creative approach

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 Linda Clave
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Linda combines energy work including Reiki, Radiesthesia (a European form of dowsing often associated with healing), and use of the five element attunements  (fire, earth, air, water, and ether), and her intuitive ability to read body patterns to determine levels of stress and the need to release that stress in your body.

Gentle Touch is a two in one energy bodywork system created by Linda Clave. The first part done by Linda increases your awareness of your physical body and makes it easier to access parts of yourself that might have been desensitized. Accessing is another word for knowing how to activate energetic abilities inside yourself. By being inside the system, you have the option of learning how to be more in charge of your own process. The second part is a unique aspect of the Inner Exploration Process, which acknowledges that our personalities are vibrational chi-states. Walter will customizes the energy vibration which he sends into your body so that it enhances whatever good or brilliant qualities that you already have.


Linda Clave does some truly amazing body work and is quite skilled in a variety of other healing modalities. Your body will begin to feel so much more alive as she works with you. She is also a very gifted astrologer and painter.

Ben Oofana, Shaman Healer

E. P. Personnel Executive "Linda is a very gifted healer, who combines her intuition and extensive knowledge of energy work, massage, and alternative therapies in her work with clients. I have been her client since 1995 and have benefited immensely from her talents and holistic approach to healing. Linda has guided me to find options and has given me tools to work through difficult business and personal situations while patiently and supportively helping me to work through them. Her massage work is tailored to the issue(s) affecting the client at each session and she applies her intuition, and her vast knowledge of alternative therapies and energy work to speed the healing process. I consider myself very fortunate that a friend referred me to Linda nine years ago. She has made a tremendous difference to the quality of my life."

CW Singer, Songwriter "When I experienced Gentle Touch, I became much more vibrant and alive. I had been feeling sick and extremely tired, so the Gentle Touch really restored me and made me feel better. I would recommend that anyone who needs a boost try Gentle Touch."

J L Writer and Business Coach "I initially approached Linda because I was interested in her "total body" approach to healing. I wanted to be more creative with my work, and think about developing my own business (a dream I-ve had for years). Right away, I felt I could trust Linda to figure out what support I needed -- whether it was Reiki, art therapy, talking about plans, energy work, or some combination of healing approaches. Linda's intuition is amazing. She can sense when I need to be challenged, or talk about relationships in the past, or clear energy blockages. She is also very gentle and supportive.

Linda wants me to achieve my dream as much as I do, and has been extremely inspiring as an artist and "free soul." Since I've been working with her, I've learned how to be in touch with my "core" and operate from a strong sense of self -- whether with my boss, my family or my co-workers.

I have made exciting progress in my creativity and my business, and am confident that I wouldn't be where I am today without her. "

Fire increases confidence, courage, leadership, and eliminates unwanted psychic baggage.

Earth creates an envelope to contain new energy patterns and sustain expansion gained from development of subtle energies.  Also significantly relieves anxiety.

Air opens the door to creative and intellectual insights as well as giving detachment and clarity.  Air helps separate emotional attachments between people who are ready to bond on more open grounds.

Water soothes, comforts and creates empathy; reduces stress, releases fear and excessive mental activity.

Ether bridges the physical and spiritual planes so that the individual has more access to his or her higher self in normal everyday processing.

Q:  How does Linda determine how much fire, earth, air water and ether you have in your body?

A:  She uses her twenty plus years of dowsing experience along with intuitive abilities.  Linda also reads astrological charts to know what elements are currently in stress and need adjustment. 

Linda Clave is a Body/Mind/Spirit Therapist, Artist and Astrologer who frequently lectures at the Theosophical Society and the American Society of Dowsers.  Linda's art training has given her the ability to look deeply into subjects.  She combines this ability with skill in astrology and in energy work to picture what is going on inside the client.