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Life Coach

What are your dreams?
Linda's approach is both creative and intuitive utilizing her years of experience in doing body work as well as art. Linda facilitates others into moving deeper into their inner urges to unfold the gifts they came to earth to express. Many years ago one of her teachers told Linda her primary blueprint was to council others with her innate wisdom. Linda uses her gifts to empower others using a variety of techniques including dreams, art, astrology, Reiki, dowsing, energy training and counseling. She gives space and support to an individualized organic process that allows the client to evolve in tempo with their own inner timing.

Linda's Background
Linda has a BFA and MFA from Boston University College of the Arts. She studied muscular therapy with Ben Benjamin, taken many levels of Silva Mind Control training, studied consultation skills at AHR in Concord, MA. Art therapy at Mass Psychology Center, mediumship with Gladys Custance, element attunement with Luis De La Lama, astrology with Isabel Hickey, the Kabala and has done archeological field work with Early Sights Research Society. Linda is a Reiki Master and facilitator and innovator in the Inner Exploration Process with Walter Ness. Linda and Walter present their discoveries of how chi-energy operates at the Theosophical Society of Boston. Linda combines her experiences to offer a broad range of skills in a creative manner to facilitate a client discover and develop their own innate gifts and to cultivate their dreams.


"I initially approached Linda because I was interested in her "total body" approach to healing. I wanted to be more creative with my work, and think about developing my own business (a dream I-ve had for years). Right away, I felt I could trust Linda to figure out what support I needed -- whether it was Reiki, art therapy, talking about plans, energy work, or some combination of healing approaches. Linda's intuition is amazing. She can sense when I need to be challenged, or talk about relationships in the past, or clear energy blockages. She is also very gentle and supportive.

Linda wants me to achieve my dream as much as I do, and has been extremely inspiring as an artist and "free soul." Since I've been working with her, I've learned how to be in touch with my "core" and operate from a strong sense of self -- whether with my boss, my family or my co-workers.

I have made exciting progress in my creativity and my business, and am confident that I wouldn't be where I am today without her."

Jennifer Lewy