Inner Exploration Process

Personalized Training to increase you abilities
through the application of chi-energy understanding

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The Virtual Way of Speaking

This method teaches you to have images and sensations show up as you describe a moment in your life. You relive parts of your life that you find meaningful. This teaches you not to develop a story line about things that don't work. You re-experience the things that are working.

Movement Chi-Kung

Where you pay attention, chi energy moves into that area of the body. Chi energy creates more sensation in the skin and muscles making it easier to move. This is the best and quickest exercise for loosening yourself up.


Finding Inner Peace

We offer two ways to experience peaceful sensations. A full body peacefulness or a spot in the middle of the brian that creates a peaceful sensation.


Seeing Yourself as Spirit

This exercise is done in a meditative state where you experience the spirit energy of another person. If other people have a spirit energy than it only makes sense that you also have that type of energy. You learn to sense yourself while looking in the mirror as opposed to complaining how you look.

Looking in to Look Out

When you feel good quality sensations in areas of your body you develop centering. Looking inside of yourself makes it easier to understand the world around you.


Seeing 360

Just like being aware of sensations in front of ourselves, we can learn to be aware behind and to the side of ourselves. This ability gives you the feeling like you are sensing all around yourself.