The Inner Exploration Process (IEP) is a tested method of experiencing and using life energy phenomena.  It has evolved over the last twenty years, through one-to-one relationships of Walter Ness working with other gifted intuitives, and in group environments taught by Walter and intuitive Linda Clave. 

Every one of us experiences energy phenomena on a daily basis, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  The IEP is intended to give conscious intuitive tools to those who would like to learn more about these everyday energetic phenomena.  These intuitive tools allow you to develop "energetic smarts."  It's sort of like street smarts in daily living.

The objective of the IEP educational system is to help participants deepen their self-awareness while developing intuitive techniques that they can apply to daily living. This is best done through a group experience, which allows you to observe others to help you learn the relationships between emotions and subtle energy and how to effectively apply these understandings. 

In this process, the energy is the teacher.  Your contribution is focused work, fun and play.  The purpose of this web-site is to introduce our visitors to the philosophy, techniques, and style of the Inner Exploration Process.

Knowing how to change your energy makes your life easier, because you better understand the game plan in life.

Get to know yourself and you can stop living with a stranger.

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Acknowledgements:  This website was designed by Walter Ness.  Visual input and artistic images were provided by Linda Clave.  Black and white illustrations of energy phenomena were drawn by technical illustrator Kathy Hagelston.  Editorial assistance was provided by Barbara Brandt of Visionary Communications.