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Walter Ness promotes the idea of people working together to increase the knowledge of how chi-energy works to create the Mind/Body/Spirit connection.

His contribution to this process is clairvoyance and a humorous attitude. He has been fortunate in attracting other talented individuals with a similar interest.

His statements to all who have worked with him are simple, "Chi-energy can be understood, you can put words to it and you can demonstrate it."

He back his statements with examples. He demonstrates what he talks about so that people in the room can perceive it. He states, "Chi-energy is a system just like the human body within which we operate.

You can perceive chi-energy in glimpses, which are moments in altered state of consciousness. What you percieve is an insight, what chi-kung teachers call secret abilities.Club.

Always, the experience is the teacher.

Walter is also a clairvoyant who has learned how to turn this chi-energy seeing ability into a tool of perception to understand how energy phenomena works. "If you know how it works, you can make it work for you!"

Walter calls his ability to see energy as shift seeing. Walter said, "I shift consciousness, I see the energy and I shift back. It's like having a control focus on a camera that works backwards. The more fuzzy you make the physical world the clearer the spiritual, energetic worlds appears."

Walter has the ability through touch to pick up information in rocks, crystals, trees and other inanimate object. Walter can also use this ability to pick up sensations in the human body. This information is vibrational in content and can be inside the skin, muscles, bones or any other body part.

Walter is a natural teacher but that does not properly describe what he does. One of his students, a musicians said to him, "You like to do Energy Jams." Energy Jams does describe Walter's style. He can change direction of a workshop based upon the type of chi-energy abilities of the students in the room. Some of the energy groups have been like Energy Jazz sessions. 

Energy jams are about having fun and playing with energy patterns as a way to learn how energy phenomena operates. 

"Chi-energy is a substance, once you really understand that, you can mold into different shapes, but you have to grasp your role in making the phenomenon happen."

He is currently researching how the brain works energetically. This is hands on experience that he is exploring with his colleague Linda Clave.